Hi! I’m Kerry Johnson and this is my home-away-from home on the internet. Thanks so much for stopping by!

A few of my favorite things? Books, words, and book pages filled with words. Words that come to life and transport you to another place. And Jesus. It’s all about Him. These are things I adore. My family too—see my About Me page to learn more.


What do I write and read? I write young adult adventures in faith and contemporary women’s fiction. My YA story—the first in a trilogy—is a finalist in a contest. Amazingly cool and exciting, and I’m so-so-so grateful. Once the winners are announced (September, 2015), I’ll spill some beans about this story and these characters who live and breathe in my imagination. (I kind of love them, even though they’re not really real.)


I read almost every genre except scary—no thanks. But romance and young adult are my favorites. My TBR (to-be-read) pile is quite humongous. One day I hope to tackle it, knock it down (gently), and read everything in it from cover to cover. Sigh. Thanks so much for stopping by!

About Kerry

Hi there! Kerry here. Welcome to my internet home. My real home is in the Sunshine State, where I live with my patient hubby and two rambunctious boys, a squirrel-obsessed dog, a Chinese Water Dragon (aka, large green lizard) Spike, and various fish and hermit crabs.

Books and stories have always been an integral part of my life. They enriched my childhood and took me to worlds beyond my own. Words, stories, and favorite characters inhabited my imagination since childhood, and I’m thrilled God has called me to write stories of my own.

I’ve been published in Creation Illustrated, Granola Bar Devotionals, and was a regular contributor to Tampa Bay’s OverflowMagazine from 2011-2013. Grace for the Gaps: Rejoicing in Jesus on Life’s Journey, is my devotional, available on Amazon.

I write young adult/middle grades adventures in faith and contemporary women’s fiction. My YA story is currently in final round judging in ACFW’s Genesis Contest (2015), and I’m excited to share more about it after the contest closes in September. I blog regularly at www.candidkerry.wordpress.com.

Above all, I pray that my words and stories honor and please the Lord, and point readers back to Him. God Bless you!

Psalm 119:105: Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.


Grace for the Gaps is an inspiring devotional filled with humorous and poignant true stories inspired by Kerry’s experiences as a wife and mom of two rambunctious, lizard-loving boys. Whether it’s the hectic, humorous moments of parenting, maneuvering the beautiful covenant relationship of marriage, or the day-to-day struggles to hide God’s word in our hearts, Kerry shares how God’s grace covers our failings and His word is truly a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Kerry’s prayer is that Grace for the Gaps reminds readers that Jesus’ love never changes and His abundant grace fills every gap on life’s bumpy road.

This is a beautiful and delightful little devotional. Kerry has an accessible and “real” voice, laced with gentle humor, that brings her stories to life and makes her lessons completely accessible. I loved the stories about her adventures with her two young sons and their irrepressible questions about life and faith. Thought-provoking and encouraging. I loved it from start to finish.

K.M. Weiland

Author of Historical and Speculative Fiction

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